Friday, January 30, 2009

One down, one to go!

Well, we closed one loan this morning! We have one more to close this afternoon and then Kelly and I get our bonuses!!!!! I cannot TELL you how excited I am about this!

So I have been looking for a plane ticket from Dallas, TX, to Tallahassee, FL. My bonus is $500 to go toward my trip. I want that $500 to cover MOST if not ALL of my trip, so I am trying to be as cost aware as I can be. I mean, why should I get a $500 plane ticket then have to pay for the rental car and hotel myself? If I can get the plane ticket, rental car, AND part of my hotel for $500, then I am getting the MOST for my bonus, right?

So I have found a plane ticket on Orbitz for $275, including taxes and fees. AND it leaves for Florida on Friday morning, just like I want it to, and it leaves returning to Dallas on Monday evening, just like I want it to. I have found a rental car deal for $122, including taxes and fees. So that is basically $400. That would mean that I should have $100 left to use toward paying for my hotel. AND, since I am cheap, lol, and I REFUSE to pay outrageous amounts for a hotel room when all I am going to be doing there is watching a little TV and going to sleep, that $100 will pay for almost all of my hotel! I will be staying three nights, and I will be staying in this little rinky dink mom and pop place that I stayed the last time I was there, and it was only $36 a night. So that $100 covers almost all of that, so I will just have to put like $20 in to cover the rest of it! So, if it works out that way, I will be a VERY happy camper! Everybody cross your fingers!!! :-)

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