Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Terrible Twos my ass! More like Terrible Threes!

Okay, so in the middle of my "work from home" jobs, I have a regular job babysitting my future niece (We will call her Elizabeth). Her mom just got a job tutoring at a school about an hour away, and she works five days a week. On Tuesday and Thursday, my future niece goes to a pre-school type program, but I keep her on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Elizabeth is an absolutely PRECIOUS little girl...or at least, she used to be! LOL! Now, she has been three for almost eight months, and she has found her attitude. She is constantly asking questions, which is not a bad thing...I am glad she is inquisitive! I really am! The problem comes in once you answer her question. She ALWAYS argues with you, no matter what your answer is! Even with subjects that a three year old can not POSSIBLY even UNDERSTAND! No matter what you say or do, she always has an argument about it! She was such an angel when she was two! I mean, she was a little stinker. That is just her personality. But this arguing thing only started after she turned three.

In addition to the arguing issue, Elizabeth also has a habit of saying "what?" and making you repeat yourself three or four times if she doesn't like what you are saying to her! It's not that she doesn't hear's that she doesn't WANT to hear you!

*SIGH* Where did my sweet little girl go? And when will she be back?! LOL!

My other future niece, who is nine, has also found a little bit of attitude (We will call her Natalie). She sometimes acts as though she is 13, not nine! But Natalie's attitude is so much easier to handle for some reason than Elizabeth's!!

Oh well....I love them both dearly, both as a connection to my R, who is so far away from me right now, and as the sweet and lovable little girls they are (most of the time! LOL!).

But does anyone have any idea when Elizabeth will get over this arguing stage???


The Independent Rage said...

Yep. Endless "whats" and "whys" are the constant rhetorical device of the 3-year-old.

Rhonda B said...

Elizabeth will never get over it, unless someone teaches her to learn in a different way. She has learned from her mother, father, aunts, uncles argue in order to find out the information she wants to know. That or she is simply testing her waters to see how deep they can go.. Best bet: Teach her now that arguing is not the way to find out things. Asking questions is far better if you don't know something even if someone told her that asking questions all the time was dumb. (I'm sure someone has said it to the poor thing by now.)

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The PWT said...

First... Independent Rage just set me back 3 months of therapy because that profile picture scared the @#$%ing crap out of me!!

Secondly... what was I gonna say?... oh yeah

It's all part of being THREE! The O.C.'s newest things are "Yeah but...", "No, I need to...", and "In a minute!"

And the response anytime you say "Guess What?"...
CHICKEN BUTT! (my bad! it was funny for a while.)

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