Friday, May 6, 2011

Well, again, it has been a year (or so) since my last post. I have been a VERY busy girl in that time. I am still writing and have managed to continue REFUSING to go back to the "brick and mortar" business world, so that is good. I was also able to move to Florida for a while, although that did not go as well as I had hoped. I am now back in my normal area (although not quite back home) and trying to get everything back on track. You will definitely be hearing more from me now that things have settled down.

I would like to introduce you all to a new project I have been working on that I hope will be successful. I hope you will all take a minute to go to my new business site and check it out...and pass the word along to those you know! is a new business venture that I am involved in and am hoping to make a roaring success out of! :-) My goal in this business is to be the one place you can go to find anything you are looking for. If I am unable to offer it to you on my site, then I will help you to find it somewhere else.

Please take a sec to give it a look! If you have any suggestions or comments, I would love to hear them!

Thanks, everyone! I miss you all and will be back soon! Hopefully I can get caught up on READING blogs, too! LOL!

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