Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I did it! I quit! I just walked out!!!!

Well, I didn't JUST walk out... I did say a couple of things that I probably shouldn't have. But compared to all of the things that I WANTED to say, I thought I was pretty grown up about it! LOL! Okay, here's what happened:

First, she spent the ENTIRE morning yelling and bitching at me (but that's normal, lol!). Then she got a phone call. The phone call was from the internet company that provides service to her house. (Let me insert here that my first job at the company where I was a LOAN PROCESSOR was to get internet service set up at her house.) They called and asked to speak to me (since I was the person who set it up), because the bill had not been paid. So she called me into the office and said "Do you have internet at your house?" And I said, "No." (And I DON'T!) and she said "Uh-huh." So I started to walk out of the office, and she said "NO, you stay RIGHT there!" Then she got back on the phone and said, "What is the billing address on that account?" (She had them on speaker phone.) They told her the work address, so she said, "And what is the address where the service is set up?" And they told her the work address again. Then she asked me who the company was. So I told her that they were the company that provided service to her house. She said, "Oh. Okay, go tell Sam to come here." She HONESTLY thought that I was getting internet service at my house and billing it to the company! So at that point, she had already questioned my intelligence and my job she was questioning my integrity! I was walking a fine line at that point. Then she went back into her office and proceeded to degrade me and my job performance to one of our lenders for twenty minutes. Then she called me into her office and berated me for almost 30 minutes, including about why I had not faxed what are called "hard numbers" to our lender (hard numbers that SHE had created and not told me were done), then she said the thing that was my final straw. She said "I have 100 resumes for secretaries who would love to have this job and communicate with me, and do your job with the intelligence that you don't." That was it for me. I was done. I told her maybe she needed to call one of those people, and I walked out of her office while she was bitching at me. She said "HELLO?!" I said, "Marci, I am done, I quit, I can't take it anymore." She said "That's fine, just great, you do what you have to do." And I said, "And you can fax your hard numbers yourself." She said "I would love to!" And I said, on my way out the door, "And you can kiss my ass while you are at it." And I walked out. I was crying so hard when I got in my car that I couldn't even drive. It was a very dark, rainy day, but after I sat in my car for a couple of minutes, the clouds parted and the sun shone down into my! It was like a movie or something! And at that point, I quit crying, and drove away. I have felt SO much better about life ever since!

I have made the decision to take the other loan processing job that I was offered that I talked about in my last post. The one working from home. I have got everything figured out to where I will be good for the next two months with no paycheck (although I hope to have a paycheck much sooner than that! LOL). I am getting my income tax back, and it will be enough to pay my rent and bills for the next two months, plus get a new laptop, because I am going to need one. I am also watching a friend's daughter instead of her going to daycare during the week, so I have a little bit of income every week. I am so excited about all of this! I talked to a few of the people that I am working with already, and I have been promised three files by the end of the week, which is MUCH sooner than I expected. AND, my name has been added to the employee roster on the company website already!!! How COOL is that?! I am SOOO excited! I feel like this is the EXACT thing that I was supposed to do at this EXACT time in my life!!!

Thanks for listening! Wish me luck!!!!


The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

Good Deal Babe! It's tough making that call and saying "I'm Done!" but it's been making you far too unhappy for far too long. I hope this new endeavor works out for you!

And a HUGE HOORAH for "Kiss my ass while you're at it!" I think we've all wanted to say that from time to time!

~~Kath~~ said...

You rock!!!

Terri said...

Best of luck with everything...

I couldn't take a boss treating me like that either!



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