Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Recipe for Cow Pot

Well, since Kelly mentioned that I wanted to make Cow Pot on her journal, lots of people have asked what Cow Pot I figured I would tell everyone!  It's really simple, and really yummy....

Basically, it is just a fried rice dish, but it is called Cow Pot in Thailand, where my friend's mom learned how to make it. 


Rice - One cup per serving      (I normally make about six servings)   

Chicken - I like to use either the canned chicken breast or boneless skin-less breasts, because I only eat white meat chicken, and I don't like the skin or fat on it.

Green Onions - Chopped

Eggs - Two - raw and mixed together

Soy Sauce


First you make rice....generally one cup per serving that you want to make.

Now, if you are going by the book, you should make your rice the day BEFORE you want to make the Cow Pot, and refrigerate it until the next day when you are ready to make it.  Day old rice makes better Cow Pot than fresh rice....but in my opinion, it is good either way.

Now, you can can either boil, grill, or bake your chicken, just make sure that it is thoroughly cooked.  Then you cut it up into one or two inch squares.  You can also shred the chicken, if you prefer smaller pieces.

Make sure that your green onions are ready to go.

Combine your rice, chicken, and onion in a very large skillet or wok that has been sprayed with a non-flavored non-stick spray.  Add four tablespoons of soy sauce to start.  Put on medium high heat and continuously stir until the it is completely mixed, and the mixture is VERY HOT.  At this time, add the egg.  Just pour it in and stir.  You have to continue to stir so that the egg doesn't just cook all in one place.  Continue to add soy sauce until you are happy with the flavor.  Salt, pepper, and serve!

It is SOOOO yummy!!!!!!  I love it!  I might have to make it at Kelly's house tonight!

I have also added sweet peas, carrots and corn to mine....that was pretty good, too.

Well, there it is!  Enjoy!!!!


dklars said...

Looks Yummy!  ~~Kath~~

breakaway said...

Glad you made it here :D I'm going to try out this recipe :D Looks GOOD!

Terri said...

Hey girlie...
glad you came on over to blogger with the rest of us...and glad you found me =)

Happy Halloween



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